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FluMist Is Out this Year – How to Prepare Your Kids for a Shot

Flu season is almost here and everyone 6 months and older should be vaccinated. You might have heard by now that Kelsey-Seybold has no FluMist nasal spray vaccine this year. It was found to be...Read more

How to Turn Nightmares into Sweet Dreams

If you’re a parent, you more than likely know what it feels like to just drift off to sleep and then hear a tiny voice call out to you (or sneak up right next to your side of the bed) because of a...Read more

To Swaddle or Not To Swaddle

Swaddling may help soothe your baby and your ears – but should you? The technique involves wrapping a baby in blankets, essentially mimicking the environment of a womb. This is thought to help calm...Read more

What to Do About a Gassy Baby

Babies can get away with a lot of things adults can’t. Bodily noises, for instance. Belching, burping and passing gas are social taboos for grownups, but they’re all in a day’s work for baby. ...Read more

Zika/Insect Repellent for Kids

With mosquito-borne illnesses such as West Nile, and now with the extra concern of the Zika virus, it’s vitally important to protect your kids from insect bites when they’re outside.  How Young...Read more

Disciplining that Stubborn Toddler

Ah, the terrible twos. You’ve heard about them, you’ve laughed about them and you’ve listened to your friends with children lament about them. But now your child is 2 and after that gigantic tantrum...Read more

CoolSculpting Puts a Freeze on Stubborn Fat

We exercise, maintain a healthy diet and try to stay active in our day-to-day lives and it still doesn’t seem to be enough to remove stubborn fat deposits in some areas of our bodies. This is a...Read more

Wrinkles, Sun-Damaged Skin Disappear Under Fraxel Laser Treatments

Would you like to rejuvenate your complexion in a subtle way that looks natural? Perhaps you'd like to smooth out fine wrinkles, tighten loose skin, fade away brown sun spots or improve uneven skin...Read more

Breast Reconstruction Part 2: Important Post-Surgery Reminders

If you’ve just recovered from a lumpectomy or mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery, both your body and mind have been through a lot. While your doctor will give you detailed instructions on...Read more

It’s Never Too Late for Breast Reconstruction

From the very instant they get a breast cancer diagnosis, many patients feel that their lives are a whirlwind. There are appointments to be made, treatment to research, medicines to take and doctors...Read more

Important Event Coming Up? Start Getting Your Skin Ready Months in Advance!

We always want to put our best face forward, but upcoming events like weddings, proms, family portraits or reunions are times when we really want to look our best – and part of feeling your best...Read more

Breast Augmentation (Part 2): Implant Options and Placement Techniques

In my previous post, I shared answers to some of the most important and frequently asked questions from patients about breast augmentation surgery. In this post, I’ll delve into questions related to...Read more

Not Only Is Pelvic Organ Prolapse Common, it’s Treatable

The human body is a complex machine. Like most complex machines, if a combination of issues are simultaneously occurring, failure can occur – like pelvic floor disorder in women.  Two Types of...Read more

What You Need to Know About Congestive Heart Failure

Your heart has a big job. It has to circulate blood throughout your body. Conditions like coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and a myriad of other diseases place extra stress on...Read more

Unexplained, Pervasive Pain Might Be a Sign of Fibromyalgia

If you’ve been experiencing pain with no clear cause, trouble sleeping or mood and memory issues and can’t pinpoint the source of your discomfort, there’s a chance you could have fibromyalgia. It’s...Read more

Hear This: Ear Infections Are Preventable

Just because beach days and afternoons by the pool may be coming to a close for other parts of the country doesn’t mean that Texans won’t be around water for a few more months. Chances are you’ve...Read more

When Shoulder Instability Hampers Movement

Your shoulders are responsible for a lot of movement day in and day out. Essentially, any time you pick something up, open a door or wave at someone, you’re engaging your shoulder and all the...Read more

How Hospitalists Enhance Quality of Care

I’m a hospitalist. If you ever have to check into a hospital and you’re a Kelsey-Seybold Clinic patient, you may meet me or one of the clinic’s other hospitalists. The Kelsey-Seybold Clinic...Read more