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What to Do About a Gassy Baby

Babies can get away with a lot of things adults can’t. Bodily noises, for instance. Belching, burping and passing gas are social taboos for grownups, but they’re all in a day’s work for baby. ...Read more

Zika/Insect Repellent for Kids

With mosquito-borne illnesses such as West Nile, and now with the extra concern of the Zika virus, it’s vitally important to protect your kids from insect bites when they’re outside.  How Young...Read more

Disciplining that Stubborn Toddler

Ah, the terrible twos. You’ve heard about them, you’ve laughed about them and you’ve listened to your friends with children lament about them. But now your child is 2 and after that gigantic tantrum...Read more

When Is a Period a Problem?

The onset of menstrual cycles, or menarche, is a defining moment in a girl’s physical development. It is important to keep tabs on this important health marker throughout adolescence and...Read more

Summertime Physicals Prepare Kids for Return to School

School’s been out for a little while now and I’m sure your family is settling into a routine that involves the careful balance of work and summer fun for your kids. The last thing on your mind is...Read more

Childproofing Your Home

Before you have children, you’re aware there are items around the house that are dangerous—such as knives, scissors and household chemicals. After you have children, however, it’s easy for new...Read more

CoolSculpting Puts a Freeze on Stubborn Fat

We exercise, maintain a healthy diet and try to stay active in our day-to-day lives and it still doesn’t seem to be enough to remove stubborn fat deposits in some areas of our bodies. This is a...Read more

Wrinkles, Sun-Damaged Skin Disappear Under Fraxel Laser Treatments

Would you like to rejuvenate your complexion in a subtle way that looks natural? Perhaps you'd like to smooth out fine wrinkles, tighten loose skin, fade away brown sun spots or improve uneven skin...Read more

Breast Reconstruction Part 2: Important Post-Surgery Reminders

If you’ve just recovered from a lumpectomy or mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery, both your body and mind have been through a lot. While your doctor will give you detailed instructions on...Read more

It’s Never Too Late for Breast Reconstruction

From the very instant they get a breast cancer diagnosis, many patients feel that their lives are a whirlwind. There are appointments to be made, treatment to research, medicines to take and doctors...Read more

Important Event Coming Up? Start Getting Your Skin Ready Months in Advance!

We always want to put our best face forward, but upcoming events like weddings, proms, family portraits or reunions are times when we really want to look our best – and part of feeling your best...Read more

Breast Augmentation (Part 2): Implant Options and Placement Techniques

In my previous post, I shared answers to some of the most important and frequently asked questions from patients about breast augmentation surgery. In this post, I’ll delve into questions related to...Read more

Binge Eating Disorder: Quiet Epidemic?

While you may not have heard of binge eating disorder, chances are you know someone who suffers from it. An estimated 4 million Americans have the disorder and that only accounts for reported...Read more

Help! I’m Losing My Hair!

We’re hardwired to look at someone with thick shiny hair and admire it. Intrinsically, we decipher it to mean that the rest of the body is so healthy that it can divert extra energy to the hair. This...Read more

There’s Help for Acid Reflux

If you’ve been experiencing heartburn more than a couple times a week, acid creeping up into your throat, bloating, nausea or hiccups that don’t let up, you might be affected by acid reflux disease,...Read more

Common Angina Triggers and Treatments

Have you ever seen an actor in an old movie dramatically clutch his chest and pop a pill when he gets shocking news?  Chances are the culprit is angina, sometimes called angina pectoris, which...Read more

Is it a Cold or Sinus Infection?

Sore throat, headache, watery eyes, fatigue, runny nose – you have a cold, right? Or is it a sinus infection? We often don’t know right away. Letting a cold go with over-the-counter treatment is one...Read more

So You Have a Vitamin B12 Deficiency – What’s the Big Deal?

Vitamin B12 is a workhorse. It’s a big player in keeping your brain, immune system, metabolism, and nerve and blood cells clicking on all cylinders.  Low levels of this important nutrient can...Read more