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Weathering flu season

Posted by Christine L. Tricoli

The 2017-2018 flu season hit as early as November last year, leaving some to scramble to catch up, and still others to wonder if the effectiveness of the flu vaccine is going to hold. So what can employers do to keep their employees healthy and at work as flu cases spike this January and February?

Make sure your employees have gotten the flu shot. While recent studies have shown the flu vaccine to be at its lowest effectiveness, 10%, this season, doctors and still recommend getting one—as 10% is better than nothing. So it’s never too late in the game to encourage employees to get their flu shots if they haven’t already. If they can’t go get the flu shot, bring the flu shot to them!


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If one succumbs, have them seek care immediately. The health and safety of employees is number one, especially this time of year, so it’s important that anyone with the flu seeks treatment and keeps away from other employees to prevent a widespread epidemic.

Sleep, diet, hygiene. The best way to prevent the flu is, of course, practicing healthy habits in everyday life. Encourage employees to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Make sure the office is well stocked with tissue, hand sanitizer and plenty of fluids. And, as always, a nutritious diet is crucial—too much processed or fast food can prevent our immune system from protecting us against the flu.

Posted by Christine L. Tricoli

Christine Tricoli is manager of Business Development for Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. She joined Kelsey-Seybold in 2004. She is responsible for developing new business relationships with key business leaders, plan sponsors and the brokerage community. Prior to joining Kelsey-Seybold, Christine was a senior sales account executive for a major health insurance company in the Houston market. She brings more than 30 years of experience in managed healthcare in Houston. Christine holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Group 1 Insurance License. She is fluent in Spanish.

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