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Job-based healthcare insurance utilization

Posted by Julio Iturriaga

A recent study found several disparities between low and high income workers when it comes to utilizing their job-based health insurance.

Lower paid workers are more likely to end up hospitalized or in the emergency department than their higher paid counterparts. On top of this, they are also less likely to seek preventive care even with availability through the 2010 health law.

The reasons? Finances and ease of access.

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Half of workers with employer-sponsored insurance have higher deductibles and out of pocket costs for single coverage. Lower wages and rising costs cause these workers to skip routine physicals in favor of putting food on the table.

Nine-to-five jobs five days a week leaves no room for doctor’s visits either, leading lower wage workers being three times more likely to visit the ER, four times more for avoidable conditions, and use preventive services only half as often as higher paid workers.

Solutions range from varying premiums and deductibles based on wage or providing plans that pay for common services before the deductible is met.

Posted by Julio Iturriaga

Julio Iturriaga is the manager of Sales and Business Development for Kelsey-Seybold Clinic.

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