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How Kelsey-Seybold's Digital Records System Can Save You Money

Posted by Paula Turnquist

Using an innovative, coordinated care model, Kelsey-Seybold is able to provide exceptionally high-quality healthcare to subscribers, with up to 20 percent comparative cost savings for employers.

In fact, the plan has regularly been acknowledged as the most cost-effective in the Greater Houston market by an independent, third-party benchmarking study.

So just how do we provide high-end care at relatively little cost? One of our strategies is to eliminate unnecessary waste. We make sure that each member of a patient's medical team — primary care physician, specialist, pharmacist, etc. — is able to communicate easily and efficiently and view any relevant past medical information. To facilitate this communication, Kelsey-Seybold uses a sophisticated, secure Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.

KC-Blog-Featured-Sept1Simply sharing a subscriber's comprehensive medical file across our extensive provider network can save enormous time and expense, which is good for both employers and employees. Kelsey-Seybold member Irma Meadows shared with us how the EMR saved her money.

"My doctors can see everything at one time. For example, when I went to Dr. Anup Shah for shoulder surgery, I needed some blood work and the laboratory was right there," Meadows says. "Then later, I had an appointment with my gynecologist who said she didn't have to order blood work because she saw on my EMR that Dr. Shah had already done so. I didn't have to re-do the same test and pay another copay. So, the EMR definitely cuts down on repetitive testing and cost."

If you're interested in learning more about the Kelsey-Seybold difference, get a free quote today! 

Posted by Paula Turnquist

Paula Turnquist joined Kelsey-Seybold Clinic in 2013 as sales manager of Employer Products. She is responsible for the sales of products and services ranging from employer group health plans to Executive Health and Occupational Medicine programs. Paula is originally from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and is a Nursing and Health Care Administration graduate of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. She has worked in healthcare since 1976 serving major hospital systems, physician practices, venture capital start-ups and large insurance carriers.

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