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How can employers save on healthcare costs?

Posted by Christine L. Tricoli

As an employer, one of the things you will be most responsible for is creating a healthcare plan that works for all of your employees. Choosing health insurance seems like a daunting task, especially if your company is on the smaller side or does not turn a huge profit each year. If you are looking to help cut some of those healthcare costs, there are certain steps that will need to be taken right away.

kelseycare_blog_post_feat_img_health-savings.pngOne way to help control these costs is to offer incentives to your employees, and this is where you can truly be creative. The company can offer to pay part of the employee's premium if they maintain a healthier lifestyle such as a lower body mass index, or controlling their overall blood pressure. These programs and incentives will inspire employees to take better care of themselves, which will in turn lower your costs.

Premium dollars can also be saved by adjusting the spousal coverage offered to your employees. Many times, the spouses of employees are able to get healthcare coverage at their own place of employment, meaning they will not need what is offered by you. Why give a competitive edge to others in your own market? Implement a rule that states a spouse is not eligible for workplace coverage from you if they are able to get comparable coverage from their own employees. This will save you in the short-term, as well as reduce the risk of potential healthcare claims down the line.

Employers often try to be generous with the benefits that are offered, only to end up wasting thousands of dollars each year in unnecessary costs. No matter how successful a company might be, resources are limited and it benefits everybody to actually put available money to good use. Benefits should be designed to guide workers to the lowest-cost option first, before moving on to the pricier claims. A good plan is also designed to meet the specific needs of people in the office, so be sure to hold regular meetings that will help you determine what to cover and what to leave behind.

Healthcare plans do not have to break the bank or consume all available company resources as long as the people in charge make smart decisions about the available coverage.

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Posted by Christine L. Tricoli

Christine Tricoli is manager of Business Development for Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. She joined Kelsey-Seybold in 2004. She is responsible for developing new business relationships with key business leaders, plan sponsors and the brokerage community. Prior to joining Kelsey-Seybold, Christine was a senior sales account executive for a major health insurance company in the Houston market. She brings more than 30 years of experience in managed healthcare in Houston. Christine holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Group 1 Insurance License. She is fluent in Spanish.

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