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Adding sizzle to your wellness program

Posted by Julio Iturriaga

Corporate wellness programs seem to be getting more popular recently, with businesses of all sizes reaping the benefits of a healthier workforce and bottom line. For many employers, however, starting a wellness program can be a daunting task. Even more challenging is getting employees to participate and stick with it.

Here are some essential steps to get you there:

  • Involve the whole office, including yourself. The problem, according to Harvard Business Review, is that employees feel that wellness programs are too invasive or that their managers aren’t supportive of the idea. If you want to motivate your employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle you have to show them the way by modeling the desired behavior. Be open about your own health problems and encourage other employees to set goals. It will show your employees just how committed you are to the program.
  • Make wellness a part of the company culture. To be successful, wellness programs should feel like a natural addition to your company. Incentivize the program by rewarding employees who put forth the extra effort. For example, hand out trackers to measure step counts, and offer monthly rewards for meeting nutrition or walking goals. Such incentives can boost participation and even spark healthy competition.
  • Personalize the program. People have different goals when it comes to being healthy. Some employees may want more exercise while others opt to improve their nutritional habits. By customizing the program to each employee’s needs, you not only provide motivation, but you also help them feel valued as employees.
  • Communicate often about the program. The most crucial part of a wellness program is to make sure that you communicate effectively and frequently. Post flyers in breakrooms, upload messages on the company intranet, and send email reminders.  
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Besides saving money, a highly effective wellness programis a strong recruitment tool that can attract new talent. According to a study conducted by Mind Body Online, 87 percent of job seekers were interested in applying for a job at a company that offered a wellness program.

Posted by Julio Iturriaga

Julio Iturriaga is the manager of Sales and Business Development for Kelsey-Seybold Clinic.

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