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Achieving work-life balance

Posted by Julio Iturriaga

We’re nearly three months into 2018. The New Year vibe has come and gone. Employees may have given up a few of their resolutions. While this may not seem pertinent to a business, a caring employer could see more engaged and proactive employees. Here are a few ways you can help them achieve common goals for a more balanced life:

Losing weight. Losing weight is a common goal, but working 9 to 5 and following a daily already packed routine can make it hard for some people to fit workouts into their schedule. While offering healthier dining options in your office could make a difference, an onsite fitness center could do even better. Fitness centers are convenient, and provide a great getaway from the stress of an employee’s office.

Traveling. There are lots of ways to help employees with this one. A more hands-on approach would be offering occasional fundraisers or competitions with a prize of a free family vacation, a romantic getaway, or airline miles. Extending employee’s paid time off is another, and, according to a report from HR technology company Namely, high performing employees take 19 days of paid leave a year.

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Learning something new. A lot of people don’t think of mental fitness when they construct New Year’s resolutions or when they construct their benefits package. If Employee Assistance Programs aren’t an option right now, consider offering classes or to pay for your employees to take classes. Assisting employees with resources to learn a new language, for example, is beneficial for the expansion of the company, and it expands an employee’s mind, too.

Posted by Julio Iturriaga

Julio Iturriaga is the manager of Sales and Business Development for Kelsey-Seybold Clinic.

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