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An Enlarged Prostate Is a Big Deal

Posted by Oliver Wu, M.D. on Oct 26, 2016 8:02:00 AM

Long after those awkward puberty days, men may have another growth spurt to look forward to – or not. As men grow older, they probably won’t grow any taller, but their prostates may grow larger. During puberty, sex hormones fuel prostate growth to an average of 20 grams in adult men. When men are in their 30s, the gland undergoes a second growth spurt and continues to get larger as they age, sometimes doubling in mass by their 70s.  For men, prostate changes could mean urinary changes that may come with potential problems like frequent urination, urinary hesitancy and urinary tract infections.

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Topics: benign prostate hyperplasia, enlarged prostate, BPH

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