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How to Win the Battle of Cancer-Related Fatigue

Posted by Tri Vu, M.D. on Aug 9, 2017 8:03:00 AM

Fatigue often comes hand-in-hand with cancer, either as a direct result of the disease or treatment – and sometimes both. It can even come and go. It adds a layer of frustration for anyone dealing with cancer when it hinders daily living activities, but there are steps you can take to come out ahead in the battle. 

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Cutting Through Cancer Lingo

Posted by Tri Vu, M.D. on May 27, 2017 8:16:00 AM

As doctors, we sometimes forget that patients don’t speak the same language. We were trained to communicate using fancy medical terms, but it’s important for us all to remember that those terms can be intimidating and scary to our patients, especially when they’re dealing with something as overwhelming as cancer. 

I’ve compiled a list of some of the terms you may hear as you fight your way through cancer.

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